Alexander Kharuto

Photo pictures of Russian nature and old architecture

Born in 1949 in Moscow, Russia.
Ph.D. (tech.)
Head of Computer Center of Moscow Conservatory.
About my professional activity

In my leisure time I travel through Russia and make trips on foot or with canoe.
You can see some of my photo pictures made during travels.
Your impressions...? Want to have hard copies?
Or an idea to travel together?

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My pictures of Russian nature

The Vetluga river, lower stream (the area of Nizhny Novgorod)
The Vetluga river, upper stream
On the Caucasus: the Arkhyz village (Karatchaevo-Tcherkessia)
Russian small rivers under spring flood
The Mologa river and its affluents (near Rybinsk sea)
Through lakes and rivers of Valday in spring (the area between Moscow and Petersburg)
Down the Medveditsa river and the great Volga river until Kaliasin town
The Istra river near the city of Moscow
The Tvertsa river, an affluent of Volga (1978)
The Tvertsa river 25 years later (2000, 2003)
A sail trip on Syamozero lake (Karelia, 1982)

The seasons in Moscow:

First snow
First snow
Middle winter
Last snow
Early spring
Green spring

My pictures of Russian towns

The ''Golden Ring'' of Russia:
The Yaroslavl city
The Tutayev town on the Volga river (near Yaroslavl city)
The ''Golden'' Plios town on the Volga river (near the Kostroma city)
The old Souzdal town

Old small towns, maybe unknown for you:

The Rybinsk town on upper Volga (near Yaroslavl city)
The Taganrog town at the Sea of Azov (the birthplace of the writer A. Chekhov)

See also pictures made by my colleagues: