©A. Kharuto, 2001


Yaroslavl is Russian old town, included into "Golden Ring of Russia". It lies on Volga, at the mouth of Kotorosl river which leads to old Rostov town. First, Yaroslavl was only a trade place on Volga, and belonged to Rostov the Great, center of medieval Russian principality. Then Yaroslavl become capital of independent principality. Now the city of Yaroslavl is capital of a great province of Russian Federation, and Rostov is one of small towns in this province.
There are published many books about Yaroslavl, its history and contemporary sight. I visited Yaroslavl many times, I like the historical part of Yaroslavl with its churches and great monastery (named "Yaroslavl Kremlin" like Moscow's).
Let's go first along the Volga stream and then turn right to most famous churches, placed on small area of about 2x2 km (1.1x1.1 miles)... I don't remember the names of churches: I think, the spirit of this old town, its historical atmosphere is more important. I try to show you MY Yaroslavl, photographed on warm weekend at the end of August.

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