© A. Kharuto, 2002

The Vetlouga river, upper stream (between the cities of Viatka and Kostroma)

The Vetlouga river, an affluent of the great Volga river, is about 900 km of length. The Vetlouga river with its sand bottom and banks is a well-known "family-route". Once, at 1996, I've made a trip on the lower part of it. We covered 300 km from the Sharia town till the rail-road station Vetlouga which lies at a distance of about 2 hours with a train from the city of Nizni Novgorod.
Now, in 2002 I surfed numerous Russian Internet tourist sites in order to find one or two canoes with family crews who wanted to make a trip on the upper part of the Vetlouga river. After only two days the team have been gathered. Than, we found in the Russian Internet detailed time-tables for rail-road stations of Vetlouga area. The nearest one lies about 50 km from the river. At last, we started with a train on the 4th of August 2002 from Moscow.
The Vetlouga river in its upper stream (about 260 km) threads through forests and comes only four or five times near to some settlements. Wild nature and deep silence were our milieu for two weeks...