Text, photo (C) A. Kharuto, 2001

Valday, Spring 2000: Through Lakes and Rivers with a canoe

Valday is a highness lying between Moscow and Petersburg. In our country, most flat, it seems to be a small mountain area, beautiful and homelike, a kind of Russian Switzerland.
We arrived Valday town early in the morning and went to bus station, about one half mile to north. What is the matter - if the bus station is positioned to North or to South from railroad station? - Oh, under strong hyperborean wind and temperature about the water freezing point our travel direction become to be of importance. After very warm April'2000 and pair of small canoe trips we made under sun we did not expect such could weather in May'2000!
The bus starts in an hour. A few minutes before it comes to station. Very small, with only one entry door, and we have to clamber into cope with our two rucksacks and my packed canoe. For most of passenger this bus is the only way from town to home village, but we heard no blame. Maybe, because of having beards with gray?
In an hour we reached Valieu- lake and village, the start point of our canoe trip. A week-long travel began.

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Hot breakfast at Velieu bank Our bay Waiting for better weather Frosty sunset New day
Small forest creek Oasis The other bank of Velieu lake Channal from 17-th century Bridge from 20-th century
Bite on Libya river The 10000 kilometer-point Libya river curles Abatis, carrying... Not-treaded iland
New leafes Providing water Nearing to Shlino lake Iland on Shlino lake Flowers exploded...
River rift Crooks Starting new trek The best of Shlina river Calm
Map of birch-land Biber's bites Great reflection Storm nears It rains there already
Mirror Lunch and resting Thunderstorm comes New oak's leafes Last view