© A. Kharuto, 2000-2003 

The Tvertsa river, 2000-2003

For the first time, I was on the Tvertsa river at 1978. This beautiful small river is very suitable for short trips near Moscow, and I made such trips three times after 1978. In this collection I gathered the best pictures from these travels.
The Tvertsa river, a left affluent of Volga river, is a historical water way from the Volga to the Msta river (with a portage on the place of Vyshni Volochek town - this name means a "portage in the head river"), then down into the Volkhov river, to the city of Novgorod and farther to the lake of Ladoga and into Neva river until the city of Petersburg. In 18-th century, the Tvertsa river with its affluents has been re-constructed in order to allow delivering of a great stream of goods from the central Russia to the new capital - the city of Petersburg.
Now, this small river don't allow any goods shipping, but with our canoes we can travel along some parts of former historical water way. In addition to the Tvertsa river, these are the Tsna-Shegra-Tvertsa route (see my picture collection "Russian small rivers under spring flood") and the Libya-Shlina route (see the Valday route).