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Tvertsa river

Tvertsa river is an affluent of great Volga river. The city of Tver is placed at its mouth. With a local train we can reach this small river in about 6 hours. The whole Tvertsa-route is about 180 kilometer (100 miles) of length. The forest on its banks with bilberries and mushrooms make the Tvertsa river very attractive for Moscow, Tver and St.Petersburg tourists.
For the first time I made my Tvertsa trip with my father in 1978. Not long before I become a "beginner" father, and my father, 55 y.o., become a "beginner" grandfather. We covered with our canoe the entire route and came onto Volga river. Then we reached the Moscow Sea, a great artificial lake on upper Volga, and found the Sail Beach, an assembly point of sail tourists with its self made folding sail boats. Every year at the end of August a sail cup competition take place on Sail Beach. We watched the races and photographed many self made sail boats, in order to project my own folding sail boat.