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The Taganrog town at the Sea of Azov, the birthplace of A. Tchekhov

The Taganrog town have been founded by Russian Tsar Peter The First at 12th of September of 1698 as the first Russian fortress at the Sea of Azov.
The Turkic (?) root "tagan" means a high place, may be a hill. (We know in Moscow the "Tagan square" which occupies a noticeable hill on Garden Ring.) The Russian "rog" is equivalent to the English "horn" and it means "a narrow cap" in Geography.
About 60 kilometers from this cap the great Don river, which begins near Moscow flows into the Sea of Azov. Therefore the place of contemporary Taganrog is suitable for trading and it was populated for a long time. In 19th century and till the begin of 20th rich Greek merchants invited Italian opera singers for every winter season to Taganrog town. Now we can meet in Taganrog town Russians and Ukrainians, offspring of Italians, Greeks and other peoples.
Many famous Russian artists, merchants and engineers was born there or lived there, or visited Taganrog. These are the great poet Pushkin and the famous painter Kouindzy, the great composer Thaikovsky and Alexander The First, one of the most mysterious Russian tsars, who dead in Taganrog. The famous Russian writer Tchekhov was born here.
Now Taganrog is a medium Russian town with some plants oriented onto ship repairing. It is also a well-known educational and scientific center as well as an artistic center.
I like Taganrog. I like the shady streets and very beautiful architecture of its old center. First, I'll invite you to make a short walk through Taganrog town. Than we'll visit the Tchekhov's Taganrog (see below).

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The Taganrog of Anton Tchekhov

In 1860 Anton Tchekhov, one of famous Russian writers of 19th-20th century was born in Taganrog. At this time Anton's father Pavel Tchekhov rented a small house. Now you can visit this house as the Tchekhov-museum. Another building related with Anton Tchekhov is the gymnasium (now the literature museum of Taganrog). Also the grocery-shop of Tchekov's father exists now, partially as a real working shop and partially as a museum.
Examining the work of Anton Tchekhov, specialists have found some houses in Taganrog where personages of Tchekhov have lived. Now you can see marble plaques with names of real prototypes and its literature names on the walls of these houses. Let'a walk through the Taganrog of Anton Tchekhov...

 'In this house at 17 of January 1860 was born Anton Pavlovitch Tchekhov' (the marble plaque at the Tchekhov museum house)

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