spring '98 in russia: small rivers under flood

in spring, when snow melts, russian small rivers flood. it is the only time to row through these rivers because in summer there may not be enough water even for our light canoes.  
in 1998 (april, 29 - may, 5) we navigated trough three rivers: tsna, schegra and tvertsa and finished the voyage in the well-known town torzhok near the city of tver.

  (click on the picture to see a big size)
  spring flood on the tsna river       my canoe

            a short rest on the route   the first flowers of 1998

    1998, may the 1-st        an overview from the river bank

  the vyshny volochek lake    this bay is our turning point to the south

   a dry island in the bog
  south wind brings rain   seeking the way through

   a silver lining in the clowd  the schegra river: miles of tussocks