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Rybinsk on the Volga river

Volga at Rybinsk

Rybinsk is a small old town on the upper Volga (above Yaroslavl). It arose near to the point of influx of rivers Mologa and Sheksna into Volga. These area was known way back through very high takes of fish (the Russian from "fish" is "ryba" - hereof the name "Rybinsk", a fish-place).
Rybinsk is keeper of unique architectural tradition, specific for towns on upper Volga. This tradition was the aim of my photographer's interest.

Rybinsk - a view from over Volga The burse/museum house Museum enter (former burse house) Old mercantile chops
Main street Iron balcony A small balcony Bay windows
Houses in center Rare sun beam Built-in church Main street
Renovated old house A full wooden-devided window Old house on outskirts Many wooden devided details...