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Down the Medveditsa river and the Great Volga river till Kaliasin tonw (July-August 2001)

The route through small Medveditsa river is popular among tourist families. Medveditsa river is an affluent of the Volga river and lies not far from the city of Tver. The Russian word "medveditsa" denotes "she-bear". Now you can't meet a she-bear here, but for about 50 years this area was a god-forsaken place covered with thick forests.
In summer'2001 I organized a team of two students who had never traveled with a canoe and we went to Medveditsa river. Following its stream we reached the Great Volga, an artificial lake of about 200 km of length which is supported by a dam in historical Uglitch town. From the Medveditsa mouth we turned left and continued our trip to the historical Kaliasin town on the Volga. The full length of the route was about 200 km, and we covered it in 10 days.
Below you can follow our trip and see the most character and beautiful places of it.
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