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The Istra river near the city of Moscow

Istra is a small river near the great city of Moscow. It is the most suitable route for a one-day canoe trip, 32 km of length. Istra is a very beautiful river with hills on both banks. From time to time we meet stone rifts in the stream and fallen down trees which block our way. Hanging bridges for foot-passengers make it like a mountain river.
Istras water is clear and cold because of many springs which acts along the river, on its banks and on river bottom.
First, we go early in the morning with a train to the Istra town. In less then 100 meters from the railroad station, on the river bank we mount our boats. Then we paddle about 3 hours to a great grassland, not accessible for car tourists, and make dinner. We use a gas primus to boil water for tea and to cook soup.
Further we oar about 2.5 hours and come to a small town named "Pavlov's outskirt", dismount and wear out the canoe and go with a bus to another railroad station and return to Moscow. The whole "expedition" takes about 14-15 hours.

In spring, I usually make my first canoe trip of the year on Istra river. Then I visit it sometimes in summer. In Autumn I close my trip season, again on Istra.
Istra is interesting in every season. Below, you can see pictures from spring, summer and autumn on the Istra river. I hope, you'll enjoy it.

The Istra river in spring

The Istra river at the top of summer

The Istra river in late summer

The Istra river in autumn

Istra river in the middle of October